How should I take CBD?

How should I take CBD?

So! You know what CBD is - you’re halfway up Mount Olympus! Now you need to know the next step - exactly HOW to take it. Let us be your sherpa, read our handy guide to taking CBD below...

[Note on our articles before you dive in... We know you’re busy, and we know there’s a myriad of information across the web about CBD. Therefore, we'll include only the key things you need to know, no unnecessary extras. If you need a little more around a topic, don’t hesitate to speak to us at]

How can your body absorb CBD?

CBD can be absorbed by the body three ways: lung inhalation, sublingually, or through the digestive system. Lung inhalation is the most effective, because it is the quickest to get the CBD to the bloodstream, but it means smoking or vaping, which we of course do not recommend, for the ensuing or unknown damage to your lungs. 

To absorb sublingually you must spray under your tongue, and hold for 90 seconds until it’s absorbed by the sublingual glands. 

Swallowing CBD means it has to go through your digestive system, meaning the effects will take longer, and it is harder for the body to process. Part of the active ingredients can be lost in the gastro-intestinal tract.

What form should I use? 

There are many many forms now of taking CBD, as you would expect, as it’s the new wonder product (though of course hemp is an ancient plant). 

Droppers & Sprays: Spray tops & oral dropper, are the most common form of CBD product, seen in most CBD stores. They are popular because they allow the sublingual method of absorption. Sprays & oral droppers have a percentage of pure CBD, which is blended with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil, or MCT oil (which is commonly coconut). We at mellowzeus are advocates for the spray top, due to its effective sublingual absorption and easy dosage . That is why we exclusively stock this product in all the necessary strengths. Review our range through the links below:

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Topicals: These include muscle balms and CBD-infused beauty and personal care products, which involve rubbing products containing CBD onto the skin. This works with the body's endocannabinoid system. These are a great way to target a specific area, though the absorption rate into the bloodstream is much lower than the other methods. However, just the act of putting CBD onto the skin, with it’s anti-inflammatory benefits, it has been claimed can heal acne and other skin issues, but some work is still to be done to scientifically prove these benefits.

Capsules: CBD capsules are typically softgel, and contain a measured dose of CBD, good if you’re unsure on using a dropper. Though you do have less flexibility to slightly lower or increase your dose depending on your needs that day. If you’re looking for a vegetarian way to take CBD, make sure to check that your capsule doesn’t include an animal gelatine casing. With capsules, the CBD is digested, and so slower and slightly less efficient to take action than sublingually. 

Edibles: These are the typical gummies you see everywhere. Edible also takes the form of cookies and chocolate. Similarly to capsules, they are great for taking secure doses, but have the slower digestion method of absorption. Again, you need to check that your gummies do not contain an animal gelatin if you're looking for non-animal products.  

How should I take a CBD spray?

A spray is the easiest way to take CBD oil. 1 spray = 1 dose. Simply aim the cap under your tongue and spray. Hold the liquid, without swallowing, for 90 seconds to allow the CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream through your sublingual glands. Then simply swallow any remaining liquid. 

How much should I take? 

This is a question that is difficult to answer for the individual, and would be best placed to a medical professional who has your vital stats and medical history. 

What works best for most people who are new to CBD, is starting very slowly, with a low percentage such as 4%, and with just 1 spray of CBD, monitoring how you feel. You can then up your dosage as you desire. With CBD, it’s not an active drug that you would immediately feel an ‘effect’ or different. It’s designed to endure the homeostasis of your body, making you feel balanced. We carry two different percentages at mellowzeus suitable for beginners & pos so that you can be sure to achieve the desired result. Click on the image links to see our CBD oils.

What is too much CBD?

While you cannot ‘overdose’ on CBD, as it has no psychoactive effects, the FSA (the Food Standards Agency) advise up to 70mg a day, unless you’ve discussed higher dosages with your doctor.  See their official guidance here

So there you have it, our simple steps to taking CBD. You're well underway to getting mellow with ZEUS! If you need a little more on how CBD works, check out our FAQ here.