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CBD Dosage Calculator

How much CBD am I actually getting? 

Unsurprisingly, we have spoken to A LOT of people who are confused about the strength and dosage of the CBD they are taking. We have also been there. Different percentages, different bottle sizes and different milligrams (mg) on every bottle. On top of that, you have different pipette sizes! And some even come with a spray top - that’s us 😳 soz. But we did this for good reason!*

Is 5% CBD in a 10ml bottle the same as 5% CBD in a 30ml bottle? - No is your answer.

We wanted to make shopping for CBD oil easy and that’s why we have created this simple to use calculator so you know EXACTLY how much CBD you are getting in every bottle and with every dose.⚡️- Pretty helpful from us I’d say 🦦.

Why is there a % and a mg measurement? - The mg is how many milligram of CBD is in the entire bottle. So this affects the strength %, so the size of the bottle will affect the strength percentage.

What does the % actually mean on the bottle? - The percentage is how much of the bottle is actually CBD. This will stay the same no matter the bottle size.

For example, a 5% strength CBD will always be 5% even if it is in a 5ml bottle or a 50ml! BUT a 1000mg CBD bottle will differ in strength depending on its size. Play around with the calculator and see for yourself. 


*Now, Why did we use a spray instead of a dropper?

With a dropper do you use 1 drop? 3 drops? 8 Drops!? What is a normal dosage?

Well, 1 spray under the tongue is a standard dose of CBD

Our 4% CBD oil administers 17.1 mg per spray

Our 8% CBD oil administers 34.3 mg per spray


Completely natural
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Completely Natural 4%
Completely Natural 8%
A drop of berry
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A bolt of citrus
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