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Our story

Meet Abigail - she does cool stuff. Meet Andrew. He does less cool stuff but, overall, is more cool. Andrew also wrote this and found it odd speaking in the third person, but there you go. Someone had to go for it when you are just a team of two. The smallest of start ups. A two man band. Bonnie and Clyde. Buzz and Woody... You get the picture. Anyway… we are on a mission to bring people a drop (or spray) of mellow to their busy, 21 century lives!


So how did we get here? 

Rewind back to March 2020 when s*** hit the fan. Abigail, beauty marketing extraordinaire (she was against this term but I snuck it in 😏), was put on furlough, and so the stress began to build. Wondering if there was going to be a job to go back to. Andrew, ‘the Digital world’s Del Boy’ saw his self-made company go from steak dinners to tinned soup overnight. Got to love the hospitality industry - am I right!?

NOW... why CBD oil? - Well let's rewind a little more.

A few years ago Andrew was constantly seeing consultants and doctors about a repeating pain issue we will not bore you with. After a Doctor prescribed unbelievably strong pain tablets with a HUGE list of side effects he decided to find an alternative - Enter CBD.

Regular use of CBD oil, just 2 minutes under the tongue each day solved all the problems Andrew was having, AND on top of that he discovered a whole load more benefits! Top of the list was anxiety relief, and a better night sleep... and this was where Andrew introduced Abigail to CBD, to squash the anxiety of furlough.

Long story short... We think it’s amazing! Both our families are now regular users and we wanted to spread this ancient plant to the masses. We want to make it fit seamlessly into your daily routine, with a bottle you proudly place on your night stand or whip out at any time... not just a boring medical product.

So, join us on our journey and grab a bottle of mellow now.


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